Upcoming 3.5.0
Neil Hodgson
2014-08-09 05:42:42 UTC
It is time for another release. This one has some new features. Aiming to release on Wednesday 13th although that may slip if any regressions are found. Please check downstream projects before the release.

Change list:
Text may share space vertically so that extreme ascenders and descenders are not cut off by calling SCI_SETPHASESDRAW(SC_PHASES_MULTIPLE).
Separate timers are used for each type of periodic activity and they are turned on and off as required. This saves power as there are fewer wake ups. On recent releases of OS X Cocoa and Windows, coalescing timers are used to further save power. Bug #1086. Bug #1532.
Explicit tab stops may be set for each line.
On Windows and GTK+, when using Korean input methods, IME composition is moved from a separate window into the Scintilla window.
SciTE adds a "Clean" command to the "Tools" menu which is meant to be bound to a command like "make clean".
Lexer added for Windows registry files.
HTML lexer fixes a crash with SGML after a Mako comment. Bug #1622.
KiXtart lexer adds a block comment state. Feature #1053.
Matlab lexer fixes transpose operations like "X{1}'". Bug #1629.
Ruby lexer fixes bugs with the syntax of symbols including allowing a symbol to end with '?'. Bug #1627.
Rust lexer supports byte string literals, naked CR can be escaped in strings, and files starting with "#![" are not treated as starting with a hashbang comment. Feature #1063.
Bug fixed where style data was stale when deleting a rectangular selection.
Bug fixed where annotations disappeared when SCI_CLEARDOCUMENTSTYLE called.
Bug fixed where selection not redrawn after SCI_DELWORDRIGHT. Bug #1633.
Change the function prototypes to be complete for functions exported as "C". Bug #1618.
Fix a memory leak on GTK+ with autocompletion lists. Bug #1638.
On GTK+, use the full character width for the overstrike caret for multibyte characters.
On Qt, set list icon size to largest icon. Add padding on OS X. Bug #1634.
On Qt, fix building on FreeBSD 9.2. Bug #1635.
On Qt, add a get_character method on the document. Feature #1064.
On Qt, add SCI_* for methods to ScintillaConstants.py. Feature #1065.
SciTE on GTK+ crash fixed with Insert Abbreviation command.
For SciTE with read-only files and are.you.sure=0 reenable choice to save to another location when using Save or Close commands.
Fix SciTE bug where toggle bookmark did not work after multiple lines with bookmarks merged. Bug #1617.
Available from the Mercurial repositories:
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/code scintilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/scite
and from
http://www.scintilla.org/scite.zip Source
http://www.scintilla.org/wscite.zip Windows executable

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