Scintilla 3.4.4 released
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Neil Hodgson
2014-07-03 05:48:05 UTC
Scintilla 3.4.4 is now available from the scintilla.org web site.

Scintilla 3.4.4 is a minor bug fix release.

This release removes style byte indicators. Standard indicators should be used instead.

A crash in the C++ lexer was fixed.

On Cocoa, emoji are displayed correctly. The registerNotifyCallback method is now marked as deprecated. Client code should use the delegate mechanism or subclassing instead. Scintilla is packaged more in conformance with platform conventions.

On GTK+, Scintilla no longer creates a Cairo context when measuring text which should be compliant with changes that may be made to GTK+ for Wayland. A crash on older versions of Ubuntu was fixed.

Other changes were made and bugs fixed. A detailed list of changes is available on the history page.

Scintilla uses Mercurial (Hg) for source code control. The repository can be cloned with
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/code scintilla

Thanks to the contributors of code and documentation and to the testers.

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