[PATCH, RFC] Enable g-ir-scanner for ScintillaWidget.h
Thomas Martitz
2014-07-22 13:11:50 UTC
Hello folks,

the following patch enables g-ir-scanner to correctly parse ScintillaWidget.h, i.e. so that it creates a .gir file (to be used with gobject-introspection for automatic language bindings) for scintilla.

This patch changes ScintillaObject to a more GObject-friendly ScintillaWidget. I provided a compatibility header so that scintilla clients continue to compile and run fine when they upgrade their copy. The header should be removed after some deprecation period.

If you want I can also provide the stub program that I created to make g-ir-scanner do it's job.

I need this to enable python bindings to scintilla automatically via introspection for the Geany IDE project.

Please comment and consider this for merging.

Best regards
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